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Thank you for going LIVE EVERY Tuesday thru Thursday...My marriage was headed down the road of divorce! You and Mr. Greg are truly a blessing! Love Y'all!Tasha Stewart Director Financial…

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Thanks to Marriage Makes 3, I have a brand new husband and I didn't even have to get a divorce. Marta Soto Owner/Operator TrueMovement

My Lord, My Lover & Me

​Are you having issues in your relationship & would benefit from having seasoned counselors in your corner? Are you soon to be married & would like premarital counseling?

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We are not going to lie to you...Relationships can be hard! Here's what we KNOW...48% of Marriages END in DIVORCE. Here's what we ALSO KNOW...It DOESN'T have to be that way or end that way! Your relationship deserves the BEST CHANCE that you can give it!

Before I Do

She said YES! Now wouldn't it be wise to proactively go in knowing you have the tools to help stay in, to thrive, and to win?

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Maybe you are already married and just can't quite seem to get past some issues and just need a listening ear that understands and can help guide you through? We…