Lesson Learned From This Relationship

Lesson Learned From This Relationship

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A breakup is painful, but it is not completely terrible either. At least, you gained one more experience on love and life. One day, when you have healed completely from the heartbreak, you will find yourself smiling over the silly things you have done.

Learning from this relationship which has now come to an end:

Lessons Learned

You know how to choose a better partner. You will feel more confident with yourself and your choice. You will know what is best for yourself and who deserves your genuine love and care.

You learned how to treat your future partner better. Through this relationship, you understand better what really makes him/her happy. You know when to give encouragements, and when to avoid picking on him/her. You know what must or
must not be done, what should or should not be talked about.

You learned how to handle heartbreak better. In case there is another failed relationship in future, you will be stronger as you had gone through this experience before, and would not be as fragile about love life. You know what you can do to pick yourself up.

Besides, through this experience, you may know how to communicate better with other people.

You learned how to respect others. When you are in a relationship, you care for your partner most of the time, trying to understand each other and avoid complications in life.

You learned to respect the other person’s personal time and space, as well as his/her rights to speak out.

You will get to know yourself better, as opposed to presuming, you know who you are.  Your partner is like a mirror to you – it reflects your personality and character, or ways to handle daily activities. You would slowly realize your own mistakes as your partner points it out to you.

What is one lesson you have learned from your current or a previous relationship?

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