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Survive In Your Marriage

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In order to survive in your marriage, you need to know what your priorities are first. Work should never be your first priority, although your parents might say so otherwise. Your spouse should always come first. After all, they are the person that shares the home with you, cooks meals, makes extra money for your both, helps watch the kids, and be intimate from time to time.


There is so many activities to do in marriage and in this age, usually both people are working. This is what makes the marriage so difficult because men are not used to doing activities that a woman would be doing. For example, most men refuse to iron their laundry or clean the bathroom. It really isn’t something they would do. And forget planting flowers out in the backyard. They won’t even go near the flowers.

Men are trained to work hard by their fathers and get a good education to provide for their family. They aren’t the ones who can become pregnant and grow close to their child. Usually, once the mother has given birth is when they become emotional. A man needs to see their child in order to believe the reality of the matter. They do not understand what women go through during pregnancy and expect us to do everything around the house.

Women are generally more emotional and seem to talk more than doing household work. If the toilet leaks or the sink is broken, guess who they call? They call their husband in a panic. The woman are good at doing chores such as folding laundry, cooking a delicious meal, and getting all dressed up for that dance their husband is taking them to after work.

Eventually, at the end of the day – both man and woman are in the same bed. The woman is reading her book, focused intently on what she is reading. The man can only thing about one thing and that’s sexual intimacy. This is the only time he begins to talk to her, trying romance and even rubbing her.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. When men do get their way, they usually climb on top and do their job. After, their spouse just lies there, trying to catch her breath.

The problem is that the man already falls asleep without saying I love you or anything that shows appreciation. It is like nothing ever happened. Obviously, this is because most men aren’t emotional and they just do things whenever they like.

Dividing everyday activities and trying to spend time together on an emotional or physical level can be challenging. Currently, this is why couples are heading straight toward divorce. It’s because they don’t know how to communicate and be fair to their spouse. It only takes cooperation, listening, and a little empathy when it comes to the other person.

We are living in the “new normal” how are you surviving your relationships?

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