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Choosing Your Relationship Challenges

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No matter how hard you try to block the fact out, all relationships are not meant to last. The ‘happily ever after is only limited to fairy tales, and not real life at least not always on the first go. Thousands of minute factors all work against and break it up, despite our best efforts to make it work.

The only way one can accept this truth is if they come out of their fairytale worlds and believe in Conscious Mating. And this is the best way to avoid major pain in the end. While some problems can be tackled through discussions and sittings, some others cannot. This is natural and not exclusive to your relationship. So it is in this pre-commitment phase that one must analyze the level of problems and try either to solve them or decide to part.

So, it is this time, when you are not yet in wedlock and free to easily go your own way, to make a non-judgmental and practical choice. It sounds difficult, and it probably is, but it will reduce a lot of unnecessary hassle later on. So identify what you and your partner want from this relationship and how much you have in common, now that the ideal romantic phase is long past.

Accordingly, make the choice and keep to it, to prevent all the good memories acquired, being lost amongst all the bitter fights later on. So be practical and sort out matters now and be happy later knowing if this did not work out there will be someone else who will be right for you.

Pain Prevention

Always do the thinking before getting into it permanently. It might be painful to break up now when you are ‘going out,’ in that pre-committed state, but it will be even worse later. It will be extremely disastrous and painful ones there are other parties like family and kids involved so the best deal is to think now. So make sure you sit back and analyze whether what you want out of a long-term relationship is what you are getting out of current on.

This is very important in the long run because there is a high possibility that you might end up bitter and disappointed later with it if you don’t analyze what you want now. It is highly possible that your ‘love’ now might not be the right love for you at all. That is why before you get into ugly fights, make a rational decision now.

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