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When is the Right Time To Be With Someone?

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The most important decision that affects the happiness of a person is finding the right partner for life and that too at the right time. The level of perception of a person obviously influences his/her choice of partner. It is vital to take the proper step at the proper time and not hesitate while making such an important decision. One must keep in mind the fact that time is short.

The subsequent points listed help to find out for certain whether one is ready for a relationship or not. 

  1. You must have monetary security.
  2. You must be perceptive enough to understand the significant crossroads that life may present and be wise, experienced, and confident enough to tackle them.
  3. Your emotion and reason must be in agreement when you decide it is time for you to share your private space with someone. Research has shown that a maximum number of divorces occur due to the indifference of one or both partners towards one another. Being interested in your partner is vital for a perfect balance in the relationship.
  4. The fact that you are ready to take on the complete responsibility of another person and that you are ready to rely on this same person for support is a pointer to the fact that you are ready for a relationship.
  5. Your consciousness about the desire for a family and family planning policy regarding this basic urge shows that you are ready for a relationship.
  6. The appropriate age for men is between 25-35 years. For women, the apt age is in the range of 20-28 years. 
  7. There is also a physical need for being with someone. But if you have not felt the desire to be with anyone at all then there must be some emotional issue.
  8. One of the most important facets of the decision in choosing a partner is the abundance of options that one has in the matter. You have to be aware of all the people you find interesting. This awareness of your interests naturally makes it easy to avoid a potential debacle. 

Friends, family, neighbors, and the amazing sights and sounds of the great wide world full of possibilities await one if only one makes the effort to appreciate. But one only notices all the variety and beauty when one is in love. Only a soul mate who can share your experience makes everything worthwhile.

It is only the perfect partner who can get rid of the despondency of loneliness and lead you to a life of joy and happiness. 

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